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Dutchie @Flevopark

Barbecues are great… I love them! Here in Amsterdam, they are an incredible way to meet new people, roll a bit in the grass and indulge ourselves in great food and drinks. As scarce as they are, the BBQ’s not the food… they are well received and savored, specially when we are treated with such delicacies coming from the mastered hands of Tiago Vitorino and his Dutchie deviations.

Last May we had such an event, and Tiago brought some of his own food and presented us a BBQ variation of the Dutchie concept.

Lamb rack coated with smoked bacon, steamed sole fish with dill and mackerel with oil soaked purple onions. Also young potatoes boiled and drizzled with vinaigrette and radish sprouts + beetroot salad. Oops… the toasted grill bread and melted goat cheese.

Suggestion: Add a few Texels beers. The cold chilled “wit” matches well with the park feast ;o)

Again, I had the pleasure to register the event with some shots of Tiago preparing the whole thing. Not only that, I was in the front line to taste it as well…